State Schools Onstage 2016


Celebrating 12 exciting years in 2016, Creative Generation - State Schools Onstage is proud to be Queensland's largest youth performing arts event.

Since 2005, the professionally-produced arena spectacular has grown from 550 to more than 1,700 student performers, and is nationally renowned for its outstanding and vibrant display of state school talent.

Performing to sell out audiences on 15 and 16 July 2016, Creative Generation - State Schools Onstagecontinues to provide excellent performing arts education to students in Queensland state schools by giving them and their teachers the chance to display and extend their talents in an exciting, professionally produced show.

Ranging in age from kindergarten and Prep to Year 12, it was an opportunity of a lifetime for Queensland's state school students to learn from and perform with Australia's most creative artists, including world-renowned jazz artist James Morrison AM, Australian award winning performing artist Naomi Price, Luke Kennedy and be instructed by internationally acclaimed dancer, 2014 Queensland Australian of the Year and Artistic Director, Queensland Ballet, Li Cunxin.

This year Creative Generation - State Schools Onstage took us on a journey of wonder and excitement as visiting, exploring and celebrating some of the world's incredible countries, cultures and people.

Audiences discovered rich Indigenous stories from Australia's beginnings; travelled over oceans to the open plains and the deep south of America; wandered through Asia, Africa, and Europe, and even spent some time in faraway Russia.

Celebrating youth, diversity, cultures, peace, togetherness, inclusion, understanding and respect, everyone come together in a spirit of unity in one accord.

Creative Generation - State Schools Onstage continues to provide positive and life changing opportunities for all students involved and this year's production was no exception. From our regional and remote students, some travelling from as far as Weipa, to our deaf signing choir, our students with disabilities involved in the beautiful and heartfelt Imagine to the incredible Songlines of our Nation performed by our South East region indigenous students, these are just a few of the highlights that continue to inspire and move audiences.

Planning has commenced for CGEN 2017 and we look forward to showcasing once again, the incredible talents in Queensland's state schools.

Creative Generation - State Schools Onstage 2016 will be televised nationally on Network Ten on Saturday 15 October 2016 at 1.30 pm.



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