Nominations for the 2021 MOST program are now open and will close on Friday 19 February 2021. Please read the information below before submitting a nomination.

Students can nominate for MOST 2021, the CGEN symphony orchestra or both programs through one streamlined process.

To apply for MOST 2021, an online nomination form must be completed and audition footage submitted through the CGEN/MOST nomination website. During the online nomination process, coordinating teachers will be requested to indicate whether students are nominating for MOST 2021 (only), the CGEN symphony orchestra (only), or both programs.

COVID-19 information

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially affected communities all around the world, leading to significant restrictions on all sectors of society, in particular the performing arts. The MOST 2021 program will comply with current Queensland Government guidelines and advice. The health and safety of students, teachers, conductors, tutors, staff, audience members and the broader community is of the highest priority to the department.

The MOST 2021 residential camp and concerts will adhere to the relevant venue COVID safe plans, as well as the following industry COVID safe plans:

  • the Choral, Vocal, Instrumental and Musical Theatre COVID Safe Plan
  • the COVID Safe Plan for Queensland’s Live Performance Venues/Theatres.

As such, MOST 2021 participants should be aware of the following:

  • Anyone attending the MOST 2021 residential camp must sign a health declaration before coming on site.
  • Participants must adhere to all health and hygiene practices and physical distancing requirements outlined by the venue management and program organisers.
  • If any participants are sick or exhibiting symptoms of illness, they will not be able to attend camp.

Please note that the residential camp program and any planned live performances may be subject to change based on directives and regulations from public health authorities at the time of the event. Should MOST 2021 not be able to proceed as a residential camp, program managers will consider alternative online formats.

Nomination process

  1. Before nominating a student for the program, the MOST school coordinating teacher should familiarise themselves with the MOST nomination guidelines (PDF, 4.3MB).
  2. The MOST school coordinating teacher must give each nominating student a copy of the participant responsibilities fact sheet, student nomination form and project consent form which can be found in the nomination guidelines.
  3. Students and their parents should read the fact sheet so they understand the nomination requirements. Students complete their student nomination form and project consent form and return it to the MOST school coordinating teacher.
  4. The MOST school coordinating teacher must ensure the nomination form has been signed by the student and parent/guardian, and the project consent form has been signed by student's parent/guardian. The MOST school coordinating teacher holds the signed nomination form and unamended project consent form for each student nominating.
  5. The MOST school coordinating teacher completes an online nomination for each student on the CGEN/MOST nomination website.

Project consent form

All students nominating for MOST are required to complete a project consent form (PDF, 439KB). This form must be unamended and signed by the student's parent/carer.

Schools must keep all completed forms on file for the duration of the program. The MOST school contact teacher of students accepted in the MOST program will be required to submit the completed project consent form to the program manager upon acceptance into the program.

Any questions or concerns regarding the project consent form should be directed to the MOST program manager.

Downloads and forms

MOST 2021 nomination guidelines (PDF, 4.3MB)

Nomination information for parents and carers (PDF, 2.9MB)

Student nomination form (PDF, 61KB)

Project consent form (PDF, 439KB)

Fact sheet 1 – Role of the coordinating teacher (PDF, 145KB)

Fact sheet 2 – Participant responsibilities (PDF, 118KB)

Fact sheet 3 – How to nominate (PDF, 218KB)

Last updated 29 October 2020